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Antibacterial ergonomics from SHERPA

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As dirty surfaces and non-ergonomic workplaces have immense effect on healthiness of employees and thus also on their productivity, proper office equipment should be no minor matter for enterprises. The effective obviation of germ transmission is decisive for the prevention of costs and business disturbances caused by work-related diseases.

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Being a manufacturer of high-quality and functional office supplies, DURABLE has with its several display panel systems the adequate solution for the exigencies of a healthy and ergonomic workplace.

Display panel systems SHERPA® and VARIO® provide quick and easy access to information and documents. Both allow a quick exchange of panels due to the pin mechanism. For use on table tops or walls, the information and presentation units from DURABLE with their matching display panels offer a great variety of solutions for all areas including offices, industrial settings, kitchens, showrooms and much more. Whereas SHERPA® stands for premium premium-quality plastic modules, VARIO® display systems are made of powder-coated steel sheet and are ideal for use in situations of intensive wear.

Explore SHERPA® MOTION for maximum ergonomics: A galvanised ball connects the bracket holding the panels with a firm base that allows 360° rotation, the reading angle is variable from 25° to 70°. The rotating table stand includes 10 SHERPA® display panels in A4 format and is ideal for a wide range of applications: use in the workplace when standing or sitting, position between several workstations or simply use to assist the daily working routine.

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Frequently touched surfaces evolve rapidly into germ carriers, especially display panel systems are one example for commonly used items. SHERPA® BACT-O-CLEAN provides a range of display panel systems with antibacterial properties, available as desktop or wall mounted units. The stylish light-blue base and the SHERPA® display panels both have antimicrobial properties, with silver and copper ions that effectively prevent the growth of micro-organisms including E-coli, MRSA, Listeria and Salmonella. SHERPA® BACT-O-CLEAN display panels open on two sides for convenient insertion and removal of price lists, telephone lists, catalogue pages etc.

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Office equipment that supports ergonomic working and reduces the spread of germs is essential for a productive office environment. With display systems from DURABLE, you get the perfect combination of elegant style and excellent functionality for a healthy workplace.

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