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Bad working habits are bad for business. And with 90% of all company costs being people costs, it’s essential you look after your greatest asset – your employees. 

As market leaders for ergonomic solutions on and around the workstation, Fellowes takes a holistic approach to workstation wellbeing and offers an intuitive range of products to help you work comfortably, safely and productively.

Recent research reveals that European businesses are currently losing around €42bn a year to staff absenteeism* – most of it linked to bad working habits when using computers, laptops and tablets. This statistic alone makes the introduction of ergonomic products a simple and cost-effective solution to an expensive problem!

From FIRA accredited** monitor and laptop risers, back supports and foot supports, to wrist supports with Microban® antibacterial protection, Fellowes provides a head to toe workstation solution to ensure you and your employees are sitting comfortably and working well.

Good ergonomics can benefit your business by helping to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve worker morale
  • Reduce health issues such as repetitive stress injuries, back and neck strain, wrist pressure, eye strain, muscular pains and headaches



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See how Emma created her ideal workstation solution

By following the Fellowes 4-Zone Approach™, your employees will soon be adopting good posture and working practices. Not only does it pinpoint the 4 key areas of the human body that are prone to problems connected to your workstation - but, most importantly, it provides advice on the most effective solutions to avoid work-related injuries, improve comfort and productivity. The approach suggests the best desk layout for the healthiest posture in varying work environments and the most appropriate ergonomic products. 

IT’S THE LAW: Employers are legally obliged (EC Directive 90/270/EEC ) to conduct workstation risk assessments and to ensure their employees are working safely and comfortably, whatever their location.

Start working well today by undertaking the 5-minute

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*Dynamic Markets Research 2013 commissioned by Fellowes
** FIRA International is an Independent Ergonomic Consultancy. Products with this logo are accredited to EU Health and Safety Legislation: BS EN ISO9241/1995/Part 5; EC Directive 90/270 EEC and amends 2002

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