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Washroom Solutions

Washroom Solutions that Make You Shine

Make sure your washrooms always look clean, smell fresh and stay hygienic, with washroom solutions that keep track of your unique needs, at a cost that’s right for your business. 

Washroom Consumables

Find the right washroom solution at the right price: from everyday essentials like toilet tissue, soap and hand towels to luxury items like hand lotion and room sprays - and have it all delivered right along with your stationery.

Personal Hygiene

Keep your employees healthy and prevent harmful germs from spreading through your office with our range of scented pump soaps and hand sanitisers.

Eco-conscious solutions

Who says you have to choose between a clean washroom and a healthy planet? With eco-conscious washroom products, such as eco-certified hand soap, plant-based cleaning chemicals and recycled paper towels, you can keep your washrooms clean and green.

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For a solution tailored to your needs, contact one of our representatives. Or visit www.staples.co.uk instead if your company has 20 or less employees.

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Let's talk in person EN

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