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5 Ways to Create and Promote a Healthy Workplace

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Companies today are making strides at prioritizing health in the workplace — everything from conquering sniffles and sneezes to reducing aches and pains. By emphasizing workplace wellness, companies can reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and increase employee retention. The following five areas are ways your company can promote employee wellness and integrate healthy living initiatives into your work environment.

1. Office Design with Wellness in Mind

During the workweek, the office becomes, in many cases, a home away from home. Many employees spend at least half their waking hours there — logging in more time sitting in their chairs than sleeping in bed each night. From office chairs and keyboards to ceiling lights, companies have countless opportunities to link the design of employee workspaces and the overall office to wellness principles.

To create an office design that promotes wellness, keep the following in mind:

2. Clean Up Your Act

3. An Apple a Day…

A healthy diet is an important first step toward a strong immune system and against dragging energy levels. Encouraging healthy eating habits is another way to promote wellness in the workplace. It’s no secret that nutrition can contribute to weight gain and fatigue — problems often compounded by a sedentary lifestyle. In an overall effort to promote and increase wellness, companies can help steer employees toward responsible food choices. Here’s some food for thought to add to your checklist:

4. Fight the Flu

The flu and other colds, especially when working in close quarters, can have a domino effect in the workplace — taking down workers and seriously hindering productivity. But as temperatures drop, it doesn’t have to be inevitable that sniffles and sneezes follow to invade the office.

Put the following items on your checklist to inhibit germs and keep staff healthy:

5. Take Advantage of Technology

Sixty-five percent of employees say they go into the office when sick, preventing them from performing at full potential, exposing their colleagues to a host of germs and even threatening the office with a bout of infections. For those times when pressing projects make it difficult to take a sick day, technology can enable employees to still work without leaving a trail of infection in their wake. It’s easy and often economical for companies to provide the technology tools and know-how that contribute to a healthy work-at-home environment.

It’s a Team Effort

Promoting wellness in the workplace should be a cohesive and collaborative effort. The initiatives, procedures and activities above span diverse parts of an organization, so it makes sense for multiple parties and stakeholders to get involved. Taking action to provide and promote a healthy workplace can help organizations demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being, while decreasing absenteeism, increasing productivity, inspiring healthy living and defraying costs. Now that’s a healthy return!

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