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As the leading provider of integrated solutions to small, mid-sized, and large businesses in Europe, Staples knows about space.

We’re committed to creating spaces that meet the diverse demands of today’s and tomorrow’s workplace, so you can make a difference every day. Our passionate and purposely specialised experts are dedicated to helping you get more out of the space where you work – whether it’s a home office or a city high-rise, a converted garage or a hot desk.

The right space has a substantial impact on how we feel in our daily lives. It connects us, inspires us to create, and make us feel alive. It renews us, and takes care of us, giving us the energy and confidence we need to do what we do. With our wide range of solutions, you can count on your space doing all these thing and more.

If you employ twenty or more people, we’ll help you develop a procurement programme tailored to your company’s unique needs. With a Staples contract you’ll enjoy specialised pricing, a wide selection of solutions and ongoing support from a dedicated account manager. No matter what you need or when, we’ll be there to help you make the most of your space – because when your space works, everything works.

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For a solution tailored to your needs, contact one of our representatives.
Or visit www.staples.eu instead if your company has 20 or less employees.

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Let's talk in person EN

Let's Talk in Person

You can call a Staples representative at the following number:

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