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Sustainability – your choices make a difference

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At home, many of us recycle and choose ethically sourced goods. Houses are becoming smarter thanks to technology that can control our energy use, but sustainability in the workplace is still guided largely through more traditional, physical products. Yet carrying that eco-friendly ethos from home into the workplace is vital if we want to make a greater difference. When we choose suppliers or brand partners whose products and services are sustainable, it says a lot about us and our organisations. 

Putting sustainability into practice

Most modern workplaces offer recycle bins for staff to use, but what about checking the quality and quantity of the print paper being used? Are print cartridges being recycled? Is stationery being wasted or over-stocked? Can you find more sustainable product alternatives?

There are dozens of initiatives and environmental agencies at local, national and international level that can offer guidance. They’ll show you whether the providers in your supply chain are using sustainable resources, and they’ll collaborate with you to improve the eco performance of your business.

By sourcing responsibly, you can make serious strides towards a greener, more sustainable future for everybody. 

What makes 3M different

With increasing pressure for companies to measure and control their environmental and social impacts, choosing the right products and suppliers is no longer just a matter of cost, but a responsibility.

At 3M, our ethos has always been to improve, enhance and progress. It’s more than a company culture, it’s our deeply rooted philosophy which runs across our organisation. It has led to innovation not only in the products we make, but how we run the business and our attitude towards the planet. That’s why for nearly 40 years, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting the challenge of a greener, more sustainable planet by finding better solutions to every day needs. Recognised worldwide for our environmental commitments and results, we believe that businesses can lead the change when it comes to a sustainable future.

3M supports the United Nations Global Compact that commits companies to operate responsibly. We’re members of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD) and have been a part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) since its creation in 1998.

Due to our efforts, we’ve been rated ‘Gold’ by EcoVadis (supplier sustainability ratings), placing us in the top 1% of major global companies and selected as a World’s Most Ethical Company for the fifth year in a row by Ethisphere Institute.

We direct our sustainability focus towards five global challenges: raw materials, water, energy and climate, health and safety, and education and developing. They set long terms goals and clear aspirations, which we try to address through our technology and innovation.

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