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How to Spot A Brand You Can Trust

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Transitioning your office to a more eco-conscious workplace is a rewarding process, but seeing which supplies are suitable can be challenging in a forest of “green” credentials. Here are seven questions you should be asking before purchasing:

1. Does the brand have a sustainability track record?
Look for brands that have built their business on sustainable principles. That way, you’ll know they take it seriously.

2. Is the product made from sustainable materials?
Check that the product you buy was manufactured using renewable resources with a certified chain of custody.

3. How is it manufactured?
Check that the manufacturer is committed to practicing sustainability all the way through their operations: from the use of less harmful substances and responsible consumption of resources through to choice of packaging materials.

4. Is it durable, reusable or recyclable?
Seek out products that are not only made to last, thereby minimising the demand for new resources, but can be reused or recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

5. Is it friendly to both people and the planet?
Does the brand view sustainability in terms of shared global needs? Does it address challenges such as energy availability and -security along with raw material scarcity in equal measure to human health and safety, education and employment?

6. Are there greener alternatives available?
Have you thought about replacing battery powered devices, such as calculators, with solar powered ones? Or choosing eco-preferable paper for your printer instead of regular paper?

7. Is the product eco-certified?
Respected third-party environmental certifications or standards include: FSC, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Austrian Eco-Label, Fairtrade, European Ecolabel, PEFC, Energy Star Certified, TCO Certified, NF Certified, and EN13432 Certification of Biodegradability and Compostability.

Don’t have the time to do a background check on every single product you purchase? We understand. That’s why we’ve already tested thousands of products against the most recognised and stringent environmental criteria for you. If a product meets one or more of the listed accreditations, it gets our Easy on the Planet icon. Designed to make “eco” easier on you, so you to get back to doing your job, comfortable in the knowledge that you’re making better choices for your business and the environment.

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