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3 Simple Steps to Sustainable Shipping

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As online shopping continues to increase in popularity and millions of packages are shipped throughout Europe every day, businesses are booming while the planet suffers. So how do you ensure every package you send arrives not only successfully, but sustainably, too? Easy. You can reduce your shipping volumes by up to 30%, simply by adopting a few guidelines:

1. Recycle
It all starts with the right packing materials. Why consume valuable resources on something that only gets thrown away? Instead, choose recycled paper products, boxes, fillers and tapes, which allow you to package to perfection, without being unnecessarily wasteful.

2. Reuse
Why throw away perfectly good packaging when it’s good enough to use again? Choose quality products, designed to live more than one life, like Staples’ reusable packaging materials, and then employ a sound shipping process. So, for example, you could implement a returns policy that requests customers to return unwanted items in the same box they were sent in.

3. Reduce
Reducing your impact on the planet is a long-term game – it’s about changing the way your entire organization thinks and acts every day. Choosing locally sourced products and consolidating your orders, are just two small ways you can choose to do so.

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