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10 products that can make your business cleaner and greener

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As any employer knows, it’s important to keep your place of business as clean as possible. Not only does it make it a more pleasant working environment for you and your staff, but it’s also more hygienic.

Of course, two other important responsibilities of any business are to support sustainability and to consider the environmental impact of the way they operate, and one area that can be easy to overlook is in the cleaning materials that are used. These are often far from environmentally-conscious, both in terms of the way they’re manufactured and the chemicals that they introduce into the air and water system.

We’re committed to helping all our customers to be as sustainable as possible so here are our top 10 products to create a cleaner, greener working environment.

Personal hygiene
Ensuring you have a hygienic workplace is a huge priority, as it is your responsibility to look out for the well-being of your staff. But not only that, you can now use far more sustainable products to promote and implement a much cleaner and germ-free environment. Frequently using an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer can do a great deal to prevent the spread of viruses and the pump-action bottles are particularly effective. Refills are also available which save money and cut back on packaging.

Suitable for either your kitchens or bathroom, using hand washes and soaps that have been made form minerals and plant extracts are a far more eco-conscious options. Plus, unlike other soaps, it’s not been tested on animals. If you think about the sheer number of paper towels used each year from people drying their hands, it’s easy to see the sense in using ones made from recycled paper.

Keeping your kitchen clean
The area where you employees will prepare their lunches or make hot beverages has to be well maintained and have suitable cleaning products to ensure this happens. Ideal for everything from cleaning the dishes to wiping down dirty worktops are biodegradable cloths – choosing a variety of different cloth colours will assist in reducing the risk of cross- contamination.

To partner your cloths, you need an effective yet eco-conscious washing up liquid to break down the dirt and leaving your plates looking squeaky-clean. There are a range of liquids available that are not only tough on stains, but also have the inclusion of milk whey, which is gentle on sensitive skin and has been dermatologically tested.

Many air fresheners either come in aerosol form, which can release harmful gases into the environment, or need to be plugged into an electric socket to work. But choosing a small, free-standing unit that consistently and sustainably provides a long-lasting pleasant aroma is the best option to sustainably keep a fresh smelling kitchen.

Best of the rest
Away from your employees and the kitchen area, it is still hugely important to keep all areas of your office space clean – from the drains to the basins in the bathrooms.

Whether it's for inspiration or just to take their eyes off the computer screen in front of them, you want your employees to enjoy the views outside of your office so keeping your windows spotless is highly important. Using a sustainable window and glass cleaner contains only natural ingredients and produces great results.

Some cleaners for toilets and washrooms can contain very harmful ingredients but there are a wide range of sanitary cleaners that have been specially formulated to be highly sustainable and very environmentally-friendly.

Another area for sustainable cleaning is the solution or bleach used in your toilets. Very effective on porcelain, stainless steel, glass and plastic, they are normally highly concentrated so a five-litre container goes a very long way.

Not surprisingly, most drain cleaning products contain some highly corrosive ingredients, but there are chemical mixes available that use a four-strain biological solution to get the job done with minimal environmental impact.

The above are 10 products that combine great performance with genuine green credentials. So the next time you need to order any cleaning products for your business, it’s worth considering these.

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