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Running a multisite operation with a large amount of sites is a challenge. Getting all sites equipped, supplied and focused on their task demands nearly all available time. Through this constant challenge, one essential topic is often neglected. Creating a representative and clean environment in each and every site. 

In these sites, big collections of different cleaning chemicals are found. 8 different bottles with cleaning chemicals featuring 4 or more brands in a small shop is no exception. The people on site use their experience and habits from home to tackle the necessary evil also known as cleaning. When confronted by the need for cleaning, they shop nearby or online for the cleaning chemicals they are used to work with. With an ever growing diversity of cleaning chemicals, so grows the risk of misuse and accompanying safety hazards.

The solution to this scenario is very simple, but more importantly, offers many additional benefits.

“Implement a bespoke cleaning plan”

Getting a bespoke cleaning plan, designed for the highest efficiency for your typical sites, will enforce a consistent way of cleaning. A plan that is trained and supported on site throughout the operation. This will implement and ensure safe and effective cleaning. With a small selection of products you can reach a big impact on reducing the workload and costs of cleaning while increasing the quality of cleaning. Especially when the site is a place to receive customers, make sure to represent the best your company has to offer.

In short, a bespoke cleaning plan will offer:

Together with Diversey, Staples can help you get a bespoke cleaning plan based on innovative cleaning solutions like the SmartDose dosing platform. Whatever is needed to maximize the quality for your operation while ensuring safety and reducing costs. 

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