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The best spring maintenance tips for facility managers

6 tips to give your organisation’s building a spring health check

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Now that winter is finally over, it’s time to get your company ready to shine again - in a broad sense. Spring is the perfect occasion to give your company a check-up. Complex? Not at all, you can make a simple start on your building’s maintenance with these quick tips. Your building is an appealing advert for your company, but it is often overlooked in the maintenance process. Let’s be honest, when is the last time you really looked into the current state of your building and maintenance? A so-called ‘health check’ prevents small problems from becoming big problems. So, what are you waiting for? Chop chop! Spring is coming!

1. Invite your contractor for a check-up

We all know that feeling: You fixed one thing, something else broke. Let’s get right down to business, that’s why you want to catch small details right now before they end up bigger issues. You don’t have to address them all yourself, just invite your contracted services (or your own handyman) to walk through your building(s) for maintenance and cleaning. Inventorize the findings, make notes for any fixes and plan to get the building back to top quality.

Attending to a backlog of small issues can evolve to huge improvements in appearance and functionality. And if you add regular preventative actions to your annual maintenance programs, this improvement will be continuous.

2. See your building through new eyes

How do you think your visitors look at your building? What is their first impression when they visit the entrance? Is this impression aligned with your desired brand image?

Winter is hard on your entries and floors. Snow, rain and road-salt: dirt is trampled all over your carpets and floors get scratched. Imagine what this means for your floors and entrances! After winter, it’s time to give your carpet a steam cleaning and polish your floors. Don’t forget - it’s all about the details. Minor things can make a huge difference to the first impression your building gives. Oh, and that old, worn out doormat? Probably time for an update!

3. Make sure you are ready to go with decent equipment

A solid spring clean can do a lot for your organisation. It’s a real gift for your clients and colleagues.

As with any worthwhile project, for a solid spring clean you’ll need decent cleaning equipment. To make sure you only order what you need, you can make a checklist of all the cleaning activities you do in your facility. Stock-check your cleaning products and materials and check if any of your mops, brooms or vacuum cleaners are broken and need attention. Now is a great time to renew your cleaning equipment where necessary.

10 minute cleaning check-up

Checklist to get a clean and healthy workplace without unnecessary cleaning expenses.

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4. Discover hidden dirt

Winter left its marks on the building and windows. One of the most rewarding tasks of the spring check-up is to go beyond the weekly clean and make sure you don’t miss any dirt. Take a look at your awnings, for example. Unroll them and see where cleaning is required. Talk with your contractor; the larger window cleaners have specialized services for sunshade cleaning. Another way to make your building shine again is using a pressure cleaner. Your staff will enjoy the results!

5. Don't forget the outside spaces and car parks 

It’s the first thing your visitors see and you can make a big difference there with minimum investment: we are talking about your entrances, lawns and parking places. Take these points into account:

  • remove any fallen leaves and branches regularly
  • what about your maintenance gear, still complete?
  • how do you deal with smokers; is there an effective cigarette receptacle and shelter?
  • do your air conditioner units require any maintenance?

(Don’t forget - after spring comes the summer. Have you tested them? Air quality is vital for your employee’s health.  Check your service requirements and make sure the building is ready for the first heatwave of the year!)

6. Eco-proof your cleaning

When it comes to your environmental impact, hopefully you take your responsibility to contribute (as a company) to the EU climate goals of 2030 seriously. But how do you actually do that?

When it comes to cleaning, your contribution can be huge. And you know what? You can start right away during the spring clean! Choosing eco-conscious cleaners, for example. Did you know there are fully bio-degradable cleaning chemicals which offer results that are at least as good as traditional chemicals?  Even more reason to check the labelling of your existing chemicals to see how green your products are, and use the spring time to make a green start. But even if you don’t want to replace your favourite products, there are alternatives to offset emissions you can’t reduce, such as the Easy on the Planet program.

Giving your building a spring health check helps get it back to top quality again. Keeping your facility in good repair will not only prevent small problems from becoming big problems, but also improve the first impressions of your visitors, and even increase overall employee happiness. So, with a little extra attention to your office, it will become a healthier place for everyone!

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