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What is good design?

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The White Paper “Work Better By Design” published by Leitz mentions 10 principles of good design, outlined by reputable designer Dieter Rams who headed up product development for Braun in the 70s.

According to his principles, good design:
… is innovative
… makes a product useful
… is aesthetic
… makes a product understandable
… is unobtrusive
… is honest
… is long-lasting
… is thorough down to last detail
… is environmentally friendly
… is as little design as possible

Nina Saller, a designer by xbeyonds, explains: ‘Just because a logo or product is more unobtrusive or reduced, doesn’t mean there is less design behind it. The “less is more” trend is rooted in the need of visual noise reduction within highly complex environments. The user does not need to see the complexity that lies beneath the surface.’

Leitz’s NeXXt Stapler Series are good example. They are visually striking. They come in a range of great colours. But the real difference is hidden. Its Direct Impact Technology addresses the main negative people find in using staplers – poor, unaligned stapling. After intensive observation of how people use their desktop stapler it became clear to the designers what caused the jamming. Over 60% of people did not use the stapler on the desk but instead took into their hands while stapling. This different way of using the stapler - originally meant for use on the desk - caused the issue of jamming. Hence Leitz reinvented the desktop stapler so that it could be used both on the desk and in your hand and still deliver perfect performance each time.


Design at workspace

Design plays an increasing role in all aspects of our lives and the tools and accessories we use at work are no exception. There is good reason behind modern companies making offices colourful and inspiring. Good design makes products that enhance creativity and productivity, increase reliability and deliver great value and satisfaction to the user. These findings are endorsed by study at Exeter University: people in ‘enriched spaces’ (plants, pictures), were 17% more productive than those in ‘lean spaces’ (bare and functional). Those in ‘empowered spaces’ – where people were allowed to design their own spaces, were 32% more productive.

That is one of the reasons why Leitz WOW Design Range continues its success story and proves that emotions and self-expression also belong in the world of stationery. The products in this range demonstrate high aesthetic appeal, reflecting the user’s personality and providing uncompromising quality. It brings together traditional products with modern tools like chargers and Bluetooth speakers, which in the meantime have grown to become part of the same workspace environment.

Successful companies that embrace design also understand that they have an important internal customer - the employee. It’s no longer simply about going to a building where you do your work; it’s about enjoying the space you work in, it’s about being in a space that helps you achieve more.

Equipment design: looking stylish and lasting longer

New technology, new opportunities, and new ways of designing have enabled companies to make products that are better than ever before. When you buy a new piece of office equipment from a company like Leitz, you aren’t just investing in something that looks stylish, but something that will also keep functioning perfectly and save you money in the long term.The concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is notoriously known to procurement managers in many areas. Research by Vocatus commissioned by Leitz showed significant performance differences between basic and branded product, which significantly offset the premium paid at point of purchase. For example in the case of Leitz stapler the saving was €197 during the lifetime of the product.


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