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Small things you can do to increase efficiency at work

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Whatever business you’re in stress is virtually inevitable from time to time. Whether it’s a rush to meet a deadline, the drive to win new customers or simply the need to get through a mountain of tasks in the working week. Becoming more efficient can help relieve these stresses, so we’ve put together a few small things you and your employees can do to create a more efficient office environment.

Get more organised
Any busy and cluttered environment is automatically a more stressful place to be. So if you have random files, boxes and documents covering every available surface it will create a feeling of chaos as well as making specific pieces of information more difficult to find.

Start by taking a thorough inventory of the documents you are storing and use the office shredder to destroy any that aren’t needed as hard copies. Then invest in new filing and storage systems and make things a whole lot more organised. Remember to think about how the filing products are going to make the office environment look because you also have the opportunity to personalise your space to make it more pleasant to work in.

You can help your colleagues to keep their own work stations tidier and easier to work from by providing good-looking office desk accessories like CEP Pro Gloss paper trays and other colourful files and binders.

Ensure the right tools are to hand
Time spent searching for a pen, paper or notebook is not just frustrating it’s also very inefficient, so you should give someone the responsibility of ensuring the stationery cupboard is always well-stocked with paper, pens and ink.

Using good quality paper and pens will also be a more satisfying experience for employees – and if you can also invest in some personalised office stationery for them too it could help them to feel that their contribution is more valued.

Having a good supply of smaller, but still important items, like Post-it notes is also vital if you’re really trying to maximise efficiency.

Re-organise the office
The layout of the office can affect efficiencies, too. Simply seating employees who work together regularly close to each other can be a simple way to make workflow smoother for everyone. It’s also been found that having a lighter, more airy environment can improve employees’ moods and boost productivity – so make sure all those blinds are wide open during the day.

Little things, big results
Even seemingly insignificant acts like providing free tea and coffee or fruit for employees can really raise morale and show that you care about their welfare.

So isn’t it time you gave some serious thought to making your office a more efficient place to work, especially as it’s an investment that promises to pay dividends almost straight away?

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