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Can colours help keep you healthy and be more productive? A study by Southeast Missouri State University found that the colour of your plate can affect how much you eat. Participants who were assigned red plates ate less overall than those who ate from white or yellow.

Colour can also work wonders in the office, whether it's used to personalise surroundings, or to boost mood or even productivity. According to the Psychological Science Organisation, a personal touch not only in   your office space, but your home workspace can have positive psychological benefits.

Surround yourself with items such as bright photos and drawings, and colourful office products to provide you with a greater sense of ownership and confidence in your work. When you work with confidence, productivity follows!

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The colourful Leitz WOW Range
Stand out from the crowd with the colourful Leitz WOW Range. Six colours, a variety of products and uncounted possibilities for your individual office style. Choose one of the vibrant, positive and energetic colours - pink, blue, orange, ice blue, purple or green - and equip your office by lever arch files, ring binders, box or project files, pockets and folders, desk cubes, letter trays, magazine files, waste bins, scissors, staplers and punches or various notebooks and storage boxes.

Say good-bye to everyday grey! You can express your personality and give your workspace a unique touch and feel with the Leitz WOW Range. And last but not least, studies show that employees who select their own workplace accessories feel more at ease – and accomplish up to 32% more work!

NEW Leitz WOW with smart features
At Esselte we are ‘Innovators in Organisation’, our mission lasts for over hundred years. We constantly adjust our offer to the new impulses, covering aesthetics and new needs. The Leitz WOW Range will be soon extended by the new line-up of desktop products in modern dual colouring. And what’s more? In the new line-up there will be a desk organizer with built-in induction charger for your smartphone, or a pencil pot that boosts the sound of your mobile. How does that sound to you?

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