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Practical hints for an organised work space

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Clear processes often help us to be more efficient at work but often communication around these processes can be ambiguous or misunderstood. Clear communication and organisation is also important in our break times too to help us get the most out of our downtime. 
Here are 3 easy tips for better efficiency in the workplace:

1. Keep track
We all have important documentation that we need to keep handy, but sometimes finding the information you need quickly can be difficult. Colour coding files makes them easier to identify meaning you can get the right information at the right time. Files and folder such as the DURACLIP® are brightly coloured and their practical clip is easy to use.

2. Inform correctly
We live in a world where information is king and at work that can include anything from security information to canteen price lists. Clear communication is really important in the workplace so that useful information can be quickly understood, particularly when it comes to health and safety notices, for example. The DURAFRAME® range is the ideal solution. The self-adhesive frame can be fixed to solid surfaces including metal, glass, walls and doors and its magnetic border means you can easily replace the signs held within the frame without the need for tools, glue or holes in the wall. The Duraframe® range is available in numerous sizes and colours including a twin coloured design for security signs.

3. Efficient organisation
We all hate queuing, particularly during our lunch breaks. A flexible cash box with its convenient counting board can help facilitate the paying processes and clear waste and recycling points signified by colour coded bins help make waste removal easy.

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