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Enabling Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace

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The words “efficiency” and “productivity” often bring to mind hardworking machinery and slick technological processes. While having the right equipment for your purpose is always essential, facilitating the best performance from your people is equally important.Well-functioning brainpower is at the heart of every successful business.

This edition of Vantage Point looks at how efficiency and productivity can be improved through providing working environments that bring out the best in your people. We examine how mental and physical wellbeing benefits business, together with giving some handy pointers for efficient teamwork and products that help everybody do their jobs better.

“Enabling Efficiency and Productivity in the Workplace” includes the following articles:

Feel-good workplaces
How to set a positive tone

Inspiring Confidence
Equipping everyone to do a great job

Packaged for success
Effectively Efficient Mail & Ship solutions

Stimulating the senses
Is your office primed for productivity?

Activating Productivity
How physical exercise benefits output

Is everybody sitting comfortably?
The importance of good ergonomics

How safe is your workplace?
Maintaining a physically-friendly environment

Stopping illness from spreading
Minimising the impact of infections

Purposeful meeting spaces
Being prepared for different scenarios

Making meeting time work
Planning ahead for group discussions

Vested interests
Employee wellbeing matters to every department

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