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Does coffee boost business?

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Drinking coffee, it seems, is good for business and can help employees stay alert, focussed and even improve their health. A steady supply can, in turn, make enterprise stronger.

The positive effects of coffee are well known to those who enjoy it every day. From the first sip in the morning to the mid-afternoon pick-me-up, decent coffee keeps the mind sharp and aids memory, decision making and stamina. Perhaps that’s why a cup of good quality coffee is such an attractive work perk for employees functioning in all sorts of industries. It may also explain why so many employers ensure there’s always a ready supply on hand for them to call on when spirits begin to flag.

Research by Honest Coffees found that those who drink two or more cups a day are 20% more likely to stay an extra hour at work compared to 8.5% of non-coffee drinkers. The same research also found that 16% of coffee drinkers believed they felt more focused after drinking the beverage.

Today, whether it’s good filter coffee, Fair Trade certified coffee, pod coffee made using specialist equipment, or refined organic coffee, every workplace has its own favourite way of consuming. And, like ergonomic chairs, state-of-the-art technology and the ubiquitous water cooler, coffee has become a modern-day office staple we simply can’t do without. But how exactly does great coffee deliver benefits to business, and could bolstering profit be one of the lesser known coffee side effects?

One of the most straight-forward ways that free, great-tasting coffee is good for business is that it simply boosts morale. Providing a steady stream of coffee is on a par with offering staff flexitime or lavish Christmas parties - it tells them they are valued. It’s a small way to let them know that their contribution is important and that you want to take care of their needs.

It could also be argued that by supplying your people with on-demand coffee, you are in fact looking after their health. Some of the associated health benefits of coffee are said to include protection against Parkinson’s disease and a lowered risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, coffee-drinkers who indulge in three to five cups each day have been shown to have a lower risk of heart disease than their non-coffee drinking colleagues and peers. Mental health also improves with the addition of coffee and one ten-year study of almost 90,000 female nurses showed that the incidence of depression was reduced among those who were regular coffee drinkers. 

Regional coffee consumption per capita, measured in cups per day, according to euromonitor.com

One even less well-known health benefit of coffee drinking is that it delivers a small dose of daily fibre to the body, which is essential for a healthy, well-functioning digestion system. As a group incentive, it could be possible that these health-giving properties of coffee may even translate as lower sick-leave rates and happier, more productive employees. 

As well as these impressive health benefits, caffeine has been shown in academic studies to dramatically improve memory, which in itself can only be good news for employers. One investigation into the subject recruited 160 non-coffee drinking students who were asked to study a selection of images. Having viewed the images, the participants were then given either a pill containing 200mg of caffeine (around the quantity you’d consume in a regular cup of coffee), or a placebo pill. The following day the students were given a new set of images to look at, some of which they’d seen previously and some of which were new, albeit similar to the originals. They were asked to identify those images they had already seen. The study’s authors found that the participants who had received caffeine were more likely to differentiate correctly between those images which were new and those which were repeated from the day before.

All-in-all it seems that there are significant and wide-reaching benefits to offering your team a few complementary cups of coffee to help them through their working day. Although it may seem a minor matter, caffeine could be a great boon to your business. Coffee goes to work bolstering morale, improving health and helping your entire team work to its full potential each, and every day.

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