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Life for small- and medium-sized businesses in today’s working environment isn’t easy. In fact, many small businesses today face a lot of challenges – keeping up with fast-moving markets, withstanding competition, increasing profits or hiring the right employees. Therefore, one of the key factors of running a business successfully is a clear and open workspace, which offers storage and creates a friendly working atmosphere for employees. However, creating such a workplace can be a challenging task. Firstly, many small- and medium-sized businesses don’t buy their offices but rent them instead. This is why they usually don’t carry out major renovation work and there is a need to use their current working space as efficiently as possible. 

Considering these aspects, it seems like many common mounting techniques don’t meet the needs of businesses today and adhesive mounting solutions seem to be the better alternatives to classic screws and nails. For businesses who want to create an efficient and clear working space, there are several advantages of adhesive solutions, when compared to classic screws and nails:

Easy to mount, no extra tools needed
The most obvious advantage of adhesive solutions is the simplicity of their application. No expert knowledge, talent, expensive drilling machines or other mounting tools are needed in order to mount objects securely. Furthermore, the wide range of adhesive solutions offers the possibility to mount on every surface within the office. No matter where you want to mount your item - whether on transparent surfaces, tiles, wallpaper, plaster or brick- there’s an adhesive tape that makes it possible.

Easy to remove
Of course removing the products is just as easy as mounting them. Although many products offer a secure and permanent hold, they can also be removed without leaving any residues. Just keep in mind to choose the right product for the right surface.

Less damage
When renovating a rented property, businesses tend to avoid as much damage as possible. Especially for mounting jobs in the bathroom and kitchen facilities, unexperienced workers can easily cause damage which has long-term consequences. For drilling jobs in sanitary locations, there is always the danger of hitting pipes or cables in the wall. The use of electric tools in damp or wet locations or close to electrical cables can be extremely dangerous as well.

Less injuries
Many people fear drilling machines due to their high-risk nature: There are around 300.000 private craftsmen accidents reported every year in Germany. Due to the high risk of injuries and damages, many people like to put off fixation jobs instead of using drillings machine and hammers. Even for advanced users mounting, drilling and screwing can be very dangerous. Although many consumers are very experienced in working with drilling machines, a high level of overconfidence can easily lead to a lack of cautiousness, for example, not using any eye protection or wearing inappropriate clothing/footwear. Long, loose shirtsleeves, neckwear, or even long untied hair can easily be caught in the drill.

Less dust
However, injuries and accidents are not the only danger of power tools. Besides the risk of direct physical injuries, there is also an indirect health risk due to air pollution. Many of the usual mounting tools produce a lot of dirt and dust during their usage. This results in working in an environment of polluted air whilst using drilling machines and other mounting tools. For those who regularly expose themselves to this kind of dust, polluted air has a tremendous impact on their health and can have long-term consequences, like asthma or allergic reactions. Although not every mounting job can be replaced by adhesive solutions, when possible consumers should try to use alternative mounting solutions to drilling machines and hammers in order to reduce any health risks.

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