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tesa® self-adhesive system solutions – the answer to more safety

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Trust is good – provision is better. In order to prevent damages and safety hazards, the subject “security in companies” becomes increasingly important. As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers in innovative adhesive solutions, tesa developed a wide variety of high-quality products which contribute to the protection of operating conditions and maintaining the value of goods and buildings. The following examples show the added value that tesa adhesive solutions offer:

tesapack® packaging tapes protect parcels against damages

Online shopping is a trend. Around three billion shipments have been processed in Germany within the last year. To ensure deliveries arrive without any damages, 68 percent of online retailers attach a certain importance to safe packaging; this study is shown from “Händlerbund”. Regardless the size or weight of a package, tesapack® offers a solution for any occasion. Even mini packages or dangerous goods in XXL cardboards can be securely sealed with tesapack® packaging tapes. For example tesapack® Ultra Strong offers an extremely strong sealing power to ensure the shipment stays sealed. Not only is it extremely tear-proof but also very low noise unwinding. This is a valuable bonus for a healthy working sphere: Research has shown that there are numerous packaging tapes which generate the volume similar to a 50km/h moving car while unwinding it. 

No mess. No hassle. No drilling: the smart alternative for more security at the working space.

Possibly, every six seconds a craftsmen accident occurs in Germany. However, professionals in the facility department, who work with sharp objects and tools on a daily basis are not protected from injuries. In order to prevent such accidents, tesa developed self-adhesive system solutions which fully meet the highest requirements. Whether with the help of the double-sided mounting tapes tesa Powerbond® for a permanent fixation or with the removable solutions tesa Powerstrips®: the mounting of pictures, mirrors or advertising boards succeeds in no time. No special expertise or additional tools are needed. This improves the safety of workers and reduces damages due to improper usage of tools. 

tesa Extra Power® Universal – the extra strong duct tape that holds together the world

Sometimes, it is only seconds that decide whether there will be damage or not: for example leaking pipes, broken windows or gutters – in these kinds of emergencies quick actions are necessary! The extremely strong and hand tearable duct tape tesa Extra Power® provides reliable assistance with repairing which have to be done immediately.

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