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A brighter, better WORKSPACE: How smart lighting can transform your office

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From Google to Lego, innovative companies around the world are starting to understand the importance of a smart, welcoming WORKPACE. But despite optimising flexible design and adding cool perks, the importance of lighting for a happy, fulfilled office continues to be overlooked.

We believe that prioritising optimal, human-centric lighting can transform an organisation. Whether you’re aiming for an academic ambience to promote deep thinking or an energetic feel that puts you in the mood to innovate, we're here to help you understand why lighting matters, and how you can use it to transform your organisation today.

More than just illuminating a room, lighting can have a huge effect on our physical and emotional health at work. Dim, artificial or harsh lighting has been shown to cause problems ranging from eye strain and headaches to drowsiness and lack of focus. Certain types of lighting can also disrupt circadian rhythms, leading to increased feelings of stress. What’s more, these effects don’t just stop when we clock off—since we spend a significant portion of our days at work, problems here can have a knock-on negative effect on all other aspects of our lives. While lighting alone may not be the sole answer to happy, fulfilled offices—and lives—it’s certainly a good place to start.


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To create this report, we talked to 7,000 office workers across Europe to discover how they really feel about the lighting in their offices, and what we can learn about the connections between lighting, happiness and productivity.  A staggering 79% of them said office lighting was important to them, yet a third of our respondents found their current lighting situation depressing or demotivating. Most importantly, 65% said they would likely feel more valued by their organisation if it invests in office space—a statistic that’s hard to ignore.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available to help you create an optimal lighting environment, putting the health and happiness of your employees first. Prioritising natural light, working with spatial designers, and installing biodynamic lighting are just a few of the ways you can start to re-think your office. 

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From a lack of natural light to harsh, fluorescent bulbs, lighting in the office hasn't been given the attention it deserves - until now. Previously, even the most forward-thinking organisations have tended to focus on spatial design and office amenities over lighting. But all the ping-pong tables in the world can’t improve the negative effects of poor lighting, from increased stress to eye strain and headaches. Changing this lighting can transform your WORKSPACE environment, along with the happiness and performance of your employees.

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A significant portion of our day, our week, and our lives is spent at the office, so we should be able to work in an environment that promotes health, happiness and productivity. Lighting plays a major role in taking a WORKSPACE from sad and sluggish to positive and energetic, as it has been shown to affect our creative thinking, performance productivity, and even our ability to collaborate well with colleagues.

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It’s time to give lighting the priority it deserves, whether you’re working in an intimate co-working space or a huge, multi-national office. Every organisation is unique and has its own special blend of lighting needs. Even if you’re not in the position to make big transformations, small changes can still make a huge difference. Moving objects to increase natural light, adding lamps, changing lighting levels and bulb tones in different areas of the office and giving employees some control over their own lighting preferences are all ways you can begin improving your WORKSPACE today.

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By bringing together spatial design, temperature control and optimised lighting, you can create a productive, happy work environment that promotes employee well-being. Because by investing in your WORKSPACE, you’re investing in your employees—and that’s the best way to create an office that works.

See the full story by reading the full report. 

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