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Why buy recycled?

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According to the Eurobarometer published at the end of 2014, over eight out of ten Europeans (85%) agree that they can play a role in protecting the environment. A majority of them (54%) say that the sorting of waste for recycling should be a top-three priority in the daily lives of people in their country to protect the environment.

Do you really know why sorting and recycling is good for environment?
Buying recycled products, or products made from recycled materials, has many benefits.

1. Reduces Waste and Pollution
Buying recycled means that material which would otherwise be classed as waste and simply left to sit in the ground can now be re-used. Through re-using materials we can decrease the demand for new materials. Through this process, we can reduce the levels of pollution which are emitted when we create new materials. In addition to this, waste stored in landfill sites can contribute towards damaging the environment, so avoiding unnecessarily adding waste to landfill is highly desirable.

2. Saving energy
In a similar way to reducing costs, using recycled material is much more energy efficient than creating products from new material. Therefore, increased recycling can lead to lower levels of energy consumption. A decrease in energy consumption can lead to less energy being used, which in turn leads to less pollution being created and, overall, helps to reduce environmental damage.

3. Cultivating a green image
Recycling and recycled products are now an important part of life, and businesses who seem not to be concerned by recycled products are increasingly being viewed negatively. Therefore, it is beneficial for businesses to be seen as environmentally responsible. As consumers increasingly become aware of the environmental damage caused by landfill waste, the process of recycling and buying recycled products is becoming even more important to them. Those who take their environmental responsibilities seriously are seen as desirable partners, and those who do not, might find themselves as being perceived as unreliable or irresponsible. From a business perspective, being green makes a lot of sense.

4. Buying recycled doesn’t mean compromising quality and doesn’t mean a higher cost, for example the Forever® range from Exacompta.
Forever recycled products have the same quality, reliability, and dependability as their non-recycled counterparts.
With Forever®, Exacompta provided proof that recycled products are not only grey and dull, they can be colorful and exciting!
And even though 75% of Europeans are willing to pay more for environmentally-friendly products, Forever® is in a perfect price-positioning range.

So now you have all the information to play a major role in protecting your environment.
Exacompta is doing its part to help you do yours.
With the Forever® range, you have the guarantee that you can buy real environmental friendly products. 
The Forever® raw material comes from Exacompta Clairefontaine’s paper mill which only manufactures paper and card recycled from waste paper bales and internally reclaimed waste.
From 300g/m², the card consists of several layers of paper as recycled material does not allow thick layers to be combined at once. Even though several layers are involved, the same 100% recycled material is used throughout. This process also allows the combination of 2 colours so that we can offer a two-tone range.
No printing, no bleaching, no mix of poor and good quality board, Exacompta quality is perfect even on recycled material.
The Forever® filing items are manufactured to DIN 6738 Standard giving the guarantee that they can be used for 50 years' archival storage.
Of course they are also Blue Angel certified to give the assurance of real green commitment.
But more than all, Forever® products are pure and beautiful.
See by yourselves.

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