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How eco-proof is your company?

3 ways to reduce your environmental impact when it comes to cleaning

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For those who think environmental performance is just a matter of compliance…think again. Nowadays your customers expect you to really demonstrate your commitment to improving the environmental impacts of your organisation. There’s a high chance that they are even judged on this by their customers as well.

So, the footprint of your business makes sense: financially, environmentally and even in terms of employee engagement. Now the good news: your contribution can be huge when it comes to cleaning and you can start right away – it’s spring clean season! Make the best choices for your business and improve your environmental performance.

3 ways to reduce your environmental impact

1. Support sustainability by establishing an environmental policy

One important responsibility of any business is to support sustainability and to consider the environmental impact of the way they operate. Time to find out how environmental your company really is and if your environmental policy is still compliant to the latest regulations.

Things you should cover in your environmental policy:

  • Environmental legislation and requirements
  • Environmental objectives
  • Continual prevention and improvement plan
  • Employee impact training
  • Proper evaluation with all stakeholders

You can start with your previous year’s performance as a benchmark to set goals. Make sure you can follow your progress over the course of the year, so you can beat your former performance. Want to know more about how to write an environmental policy? This is very useful information!

2. Partner with green suppliers

Of course, a greener world starts with yourself and your effort to improve your impact in a broad sense. But if you really want to maximise your performance results, then you should extend your efforts to the whole supply chain. How green are your suppliers? Do they pay attention to their own environmental impact?

If your cleaning contractor supplies their own chemicals - how much do you know about them? Start a dialogue and ask them:

  • which cleaning products are they using? What environmental accreditations do these products have?
  • Are they used in an environmentally responsible way?
  • to what extent do they recycle packaging materials?

Find out if your supplier is maintaining the same high standards as you do and create opportunities together to make your supply chain greener. If your supplier is not ready for this, you might need to ask yourself if this is the right partner to realise your growth ambitions with.

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3. Choose eco-friendly cleaners

It must be said: The United States is number one. Well, at least when it comes to the cleaning industry and their level of eco-consciousness. According to The Green Cleaning Network, between 30% and 50% of corporations across the US now clean their facilities with eco-friendly chemical cleaners or they use cleaners without chemicals at all.

One area of sustainability that can be easy to overlook is the usage of cleaning products. These are often far from environmentally-conscious. Not only in the way they are manufactured, but also due to the chemicals they introduce into the air and water system. So the next time you need to order any cleaning products for your business, it’s worth considering the following:

  • How harmful are your current cleaning products for the environment?
  • What alternatives with natural ingredients are available?
  • What is the impact of their transportation on our environment?
  • How are the products manufactured (in terms of waste, efficient water or energy use and use of biodegradable chemicals, solvents, lead-based paints, timber or wood products from sustainable forests).

It’s possible to find a wide range of cleaning products that have been specially formulated to be highly sustainable and very environmentally-friendly. And they still produce great results! To offset any residual emissions that you can’t reduce or mitigate further, you can search for alternatives like the Easy on the Planet program.

Establishing ambitious sustainability goals usually creates a productive work environment where people take pride in the work, and customers, suppliers and partners who want to conduct business. Start today and make your company eco-conscious (again)!

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