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Sustainability with Kleenex & Kimberly-Clark

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Kimberly-Clark has always believed that what’s good for business must also be good for our environment, and the interests of the people we serve every day. Over the last few decades, Kimberly-Clark has been successful in leading a number of initiatives with this belief in mind. We have built a sustainability framework consisting of 3 key pillars: People, Planet and Products. Focusing on the: social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainability.

Through our Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow efforts as a business, we are achieving key milestones in our commitments for greater sustainability across these pillars.

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As a result:

  • 100% of our virgin wood fibre comes from third-party certified suppliers.
  • We are still amongst the best in compression technology. Our towels take up less space, meaning less trucks on the road, less storage space needed and less frequent needs to replenish dispensers.
  • We received the prestigious FSC 2014 Leadership award for our commitment to forest stewardship.
  • Use of alternative fibres in paper innovation, including wheat straw and bamboo.
  • Paper towels are not only biodegradable and recyclable, they’re often used by organisations in composting programmes.
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AIRFLEX* technology is one of our key innovations – which ensures that fewer hand towels are used – due the way the fibres absorb moisture/water. They are stronger when wet, and more absorbent compared to lower performing ‘ordinary’ hand towels. That’s because most ordinary towels are made with compressed, packed fibres, so water beads just sit on top of the towel, taking longer to absorb.

Not only does this technology mean fewer towels are required per dry, so the cost-in-use of the product is therefore improved, and the user experience is enhanced – as their washroom experience is improved. 

This is great for user satisfaction, and the environment.

“At Kimberly-Clark, our vision is to lead the world in essentials for a better life. Sustainability challenges us to deliver on this vision by being responsible stewards of the environment and positive contributors to our communities,” said Lisa Morden, Senior Director of Global Sustainability for Kimberly-Clark.

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