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15 eco-conscious product swaps to help make your business greener

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Thinking about the eco-footprint of your business makes sense financially, environmentally and even in terms of employee engagement. And with the range of sustainable products on offer, there’s never been a better time to do it.

The paper you throw away when it’s only been used on one side, the heat that escapes through open windows when the temperature is up too high, and the power that fizzles away into nowhere when laptops are left on at night, all affect your balance-sheet.

Cutting down on wasted resources can save you money but it can also lead to a more engaged workforce. An estimated 82% of people in a recent poll claimed to be more environmentally active at home than they are at work.

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One area where it’s really easy to start is in the products you buy, and Staples Advantage is an industry leader with a range of over 12,000 eco-conscious products. Here are 15 product swaps you can make to help your business become greener:

Tech products
Today’s multifunctional printers and copiers centralise processes to one machine per floor, which cuts down on energy use. They also save on paper and ink, making it easier to enforce processes such as double-sided printing and draft mode.

You can also save energy by choosing a computer monitor with Energy Star Certification, which uses mercury-free, clean LED technology to keep energy use low.

Ink and toner cartridges are another area where you can make a difference. HP offer sustainability initiatives and engineer all their cartridges from recycled materials.  

Pens and notebooks
Pens made from bottles to look like bottles – the Pilot B2P (bottle to pen) range of ink-gel and ballpoint pens wears its recycled heritage proudly, with a chunky look reminiscent of a plastic water bottle. They’re the first pens to be made from recycled water-bottles and just one of a huge range of eco-conscious stationery products available.

You could also stock up with eco-friendly notepads, like these from Oxford.

For filing, choose the Esselte-Leitz’s lever-arch files, made from recycled materials and capable of being dismantled completely then recycled again.

Another stationery item with an impeccable green pedigree is that office staple, the Post-it note, made by 3M from entirely recycled paper.

Mailing and shipping
The explosion in online shopping has meant an expansion in the amount of goods being packed and shipped across the globe. By sticking to recycled boxes and tapes, organisations can be perfectly packaged without packing an environmental punch.

Time for a break
Sustainability doesn’t stop during a coffee-break. You could stock your breakroom cupboards with Fair Trade coffee and tea, provide biodegradable Sustainable Earth plates and cutlery for employees to make ue of, rubbish bags that break down into compost and eco-conscious products to clean up with.

Making a few product swaps is a painless way to start making your business greener. Staples Advantage can help point the way.

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