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Pilot wants to write a happy story for the planet

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B2P Gel

The result of a bottle of water becoming the barrel of a gel pen that is retractable and environmentally friendly. Built with 89% of recycled plastic, the B2P Gel pen is part of the Begreen range which carries both ISO 14001 standard and EMAS certification.

The B2P Gel features gel ink for writing comfort and a tungsten carbide ball for the strength and resistance. B2P gel ink rollerballs are refillable and available in 3 colours (black, blue and red). A unique pen, perfect proof of Pilot’s commitment to work in greater harmony with the planet’s ecology and ecosystems.


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B2P BallGrip

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a blue ballpoint pen

What an effect a plastic bottle can have on your business!
One of the most efficient and reliable writing instruments around, the B2P BallGrip is designed to boost your company and staff performance.

The B2P Ballgrip is also designed to help boost your company’s environmental performance, with a very high level of “up-cycled” post-consumer waste content:

  • 86% recycled content
  • Smooth ballpoint ink
  • Comfortable, latex-free rubber grip
  • Refillable with PILOT ballpoint refills

B2P Ball Grip is available in 2 writing sizes and in 2 colours:

  • Fine : tip size 0.5 mm
  • Medium: tip size 0.7 mm

V5- V7 Cartridge System

Environmentally responsible, Pilot helps to protect the planet by using less virgin plastic material making more refillable products so people can enjoy better and longer use of their pens.

Pilot wants to write a happy story for the planet

  • For nearly a century, PILOT aims to bring new writing solutions.
  • Today, we are committed to protecting the environment as we meet the challenges of the new millennium, while innovating to provide products of enhanced quality and comfort.

We have to think more to use less...

  • Lifecycle assessment shows that it is essential to use less raw materials.
  • Based on that knowledge, most Pilot products now contain recycled plastic and are refillable. 
  • Every year, we push to increase the share of recycled plastic used in our product range.
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Developed by Pilot, the V5/V7 Cartridge System is the perfect pen to work in greater harmony with the planet’s ecology and ecosystems.

Same player, live again: the fun never stops with the V5/V7 Cartridge System. Available in 2 sizes and 4 colors, the game is in your hands. For writing everything from reports to memoirs, it never leaves anyone dry. Refillable up to 10 times simply and effortlessly, it is ready to take on every challenge so you win the game. A fun, blotch-free experience thanks to its regulation system that provides a continuous flow of ink, and a fine tip for precise writing.

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Mark points for the environment by using this refillable Pilot’s roller, certified "Begreen", made of 71% recycled materials. Winning from every perspective and enjoying long-lasting pleasure is what #HAPPYWRITING is all about!

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