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Oxford an EU Flower-certified business notebook

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Looking for an EU Flower-certified business notebook that doesn’t’ compromise on quality?
Look no further. Renowned throughout Europe for its high quality and performance, Office is a comprehensive range of premium notebooks synonymous with modern business elegance and equipped with intelligent features designed to help you optimize your work. Read on to discover more about the range and the EU Flower eco-label.

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Optik Paper
The Office range features Oxford’s exclusive thick, extra-white 90gsm Optik Paper. Sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests Optik Paper offers a comfortable writing experience and is compatible with all pen types so both sides of the sheet can be used with no ‘show-through’ of ink.

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Smart ruling
The grid style within the Office range comprises a header / date box and double margins to you help you organize and optimize note-taking.

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A gloss finish plastic-coating protects the cover and prevents against scratching. The covers are also flexible, wipe-clean and lightweight.

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Colour palette
A wide colour palette designed to suit all tastes and personalities.

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Bookmark ruler 
Exclusive to the Office range the multi-purpose removable bookmark-ruler can be used for drawing lines, measuring and page marking.

EU Flower certification
Oxford is proud to have received EU Ecolabel certification on selected products from the Office range. For those not familiar with the EU eco-label for converted paper products the aim is to reduce the impact of paper manufacturing and converting on the environment.

The EU eco-label encompasses potential environmental impacts linked to the processes used when manufacturing and converting raw materials into finished products. It guarantees eco-responsibility from raw material selection through to manufacturing of the finished product.

Products that have been awarded EU Flower certification have been audited by an accredited independent organisation. Certified products feature the EU Flower logo which informs the consumer about the eco-label and guarantees their reduced impact on the environment.

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