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Navigator Eco-logical and Discovery

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Our papers are produced combining state- of- the art papermaking technology and an evergreen plant species: Eucalyptus globulus.

When comparing with other species of trees (e.g.Birch), Eucalyptus globulus provides 34% pulp and therefore more paper for the same amount of wood used.

Because of its small and thick fibres, Eucalyptus globulus allows us to produce lower grammage paper such as Navigator Eco-Logical and Discovery, with comparable or even better quality than competitor 80gsm papers.

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Navigator Eco-logical
This unique product offers a lightweight paper without losing any of the premium characteristics associated with the Navigator brand, such as runnability and printing quality.

Navigator Eco-Logical is a multifunctional paper guaranteed for all monochrome and colour office equipment.

All while reducing paper waste at your office.

Designed for high volume copying and printing machines.

Lab tests show that the performance of Discovery surpasses that of most standard 80 grams quality papers in the market.

When producing Discovery 75 g.m-2, we use 32% less wood comparing with a standard 80 grams, resulting in 6% less waste.

The use of lower grammage papers allows end users to reduce the amount of paper used without having to reduce the number of printed sheets or lowering its quality.

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