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Katrin – Sustainable by nature

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Katrin products are manufactured by Metsä Tissue, part of Metsä Group, a responsible forest industry organisation whose products’ main raw material is renewable Nordic wood from sustainably managed forests. The Group produces a wide range of products from tissue and cooking papers to paperboards, pulp, wood products, and wood services. Metsä Group’s high-quality products combine renewable raw materials, customer-orientation, sustainable development and innovation.

Economic growth and sustainability go hand-in-hand
Everything we do involves sustainability. In production of Katrin products, we seek to minimise the environmental impact throughout the product life cycle - from sourcing of raw materials to production and consumption right through to their disposal. Our environmentally-sound supply chain is controlled and audited by International Standards, and all products are safe for both people and the environment and completely recyclable. All Katrin tissue paper products manufactured in the Nordic countries carry the Nordic Swan eco-label and all the products manufactured in Germany carry the EU eco-label.

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Katrin washroom products include toilet tissue and hand towels with innovative Katrin Inclusive System Dispensing solutions, as well as conventional tissue products, wiping rolls, facial tissues and soaps. The products are not only functional but actually contribute to reduced consumption, generate less waste, and have positive effects for economy, environment, and hygiene at every stage of their life cycle. A properly functioning dispenser decreases consumption, the need for servicing and saves time. Also a high absorbency tissue means that less paper goes down the toilet. Minimized paper consumption means less transport, less waste and therefore a lower impact on the environment.

Less is more
Sustainable responsibility is no rocket science. It means giving back at least as much as you take. At Katrin we think that Less is More, which is our concept for minimizing paper consumption and promoting high standards of hygiene. This mindset takes into account the needs of the user groups, operating environment, financial factors and nature. For Katrin, true responsibility means balance between these elements, but also building sustainable choices together with all our stakeholders.

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