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We at Henkel are committed to leadership in sustainability. This is both our ambition and one of our core corporate values.
We have formulated a clear sustainability strategy for Henkel with ambitious targets: We want to achieve more with less. By 2030, we aim to triple the value we create for our customers, consumers and Henkel in comparison to the footprint made by our operations, products and services. We summarize this ambition to become 3 times more efficient as "Factor 3".

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Our achievements in sustainability are regularly confirmed by leading positions in various national and international sustainability ratings and indices.

If we want to achieve our goal of tripling the value that we create compared to the environmental footprint of our products and technologies by 2030, we need everyone to contribute. That is why we strive to give our employees a clear understanding of sustainability and enable them to convey the importance of sustainability to others.

Our Sustainability Ambassador program was launched in 2012 to engage employees more deeply on the topic of sustainability. Since then, Henkel has trained more than 3,800 Sustainability Ambassadors – including all Management Board members – in 70 countries.

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In 2014, we expanded the program with our (Y)OUR MOVE toward Sustainability campaign. Through this campaign, Henkel wants to encourage sustainable behavior at work through simple actions such as turning off lights when leaving a room, printing less and using reusable water bottles. The motto “You change a little. We change a lot” shows the big, positive impact that many small individual actions can have.

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Pritt - “Red is the new Green”

The Pritt glue stick formulation has undergone continuous development since it first came onto the scene. The focus here is on sustainability – and thus product safety and environmental compatibility. Consequently, the entire range of Pritt adhesives has long been free from solvents. Around 90 percent of the adhesive substance contained in the glue stick is made from natural raw materials. “In 1991, Henkel started the process of switching from petroleum-based PVP glue sticks to plant-based solutions. And Pritt has been fully committed to this environmentally compatible alternative since the year 2000, with PVP having been completely removed and replaced by a unique combination of natural starch and sugar. Moreover, since 2012 we have been using a home-grown industrial potato in order to avoid unnecessary transportation. At the same time the improved Pritt glue stick has a superior adhesion performance on crafting material and is more efficient by glueing more paper.

And Pritt has now dared to enter a new field of “green” communication in the office world.

The new Pritt sustainability campaign – using 4 creative key visuals - emphasizes the sustainable performance of the Pritt office products in a new, funny way.

One of the ads states “The only difference between a smoothie and a Pritt glue stick is just 10%”, featuring the fact that the prominent glue stick is made from more than 90% natural ingredients replacing raw oil by a unique combination of potato starch and sugar. The brand proves that sustainable consumption can be more than an obligation, but fun at the same time.

The main insight is that sustainability communication has to be easy to understand and to be translated into a relevant benefit for the target group. Then it triggers purchase and is of value to the consumer and the environment.

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