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How colours can help you to be efficient at work

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A recent University of Texas study found that grey, beige and white offices induced feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women.

Similar scientific studies have shown that colours don’t just change our moods, they also profoundly impact our productivity, for better and for worse. Achromatic atmospheres with white and black are not vivid and are non-productive. They even increase by 25% the risk of burning out.

Discover how colours unconsciously affect decision-making, productivity, happiness, creativity or communication.

Warm colours are very stimulating. Red is THE colour of productivity! 

Sprinkling small amounts of red in your office, such as painting a wall or purchasing red filing will activate your brain’s left hemisphere, thus creating an energetic environment.

Yellow environments create a sense of happiness, raises self-esteem and even foster decision making. If you need to make important or difficult choices, try to confine yourself in a neutral office and work with yellow filing.

Orange is the colour of communication and happiness. Orange accessories such as furniture or ring binders will be perfect to welcome visitors at the reception desk.

If you need to be creative like researchers, architects or designers, you should focus on blue filing items since creativity is activated by the colour blue (our right hemisphere). Blue has a calming effect and will help you generating the best ideas.

However blue needs to be combined with other colours such as red, lime or pink. Actually too much blue can also have an anaesthetizing effect!

Green has always been the relaxing colour. Green fosters concentration (activates both hemispheres of our brain at the same time). It’s also the perfect color for reading! So do not hesitate to organise important documents in a green multipart file to encourage reading.

Pink activates positive feelings, keeps you calm and decreases stress. Purple also improves productivity.

The influence of colours is probably unconscious but far more important that we give it credit for. So think about it when you choose your furniture and filing!

If you choose properly the colours for your filing and take the best benefit that colours can offer, there is no doubt that Exacompta hard-glazed mottled pressboard filing items will help you to improve your efficiency and reach your targets in a space you are happy to come in to work.

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