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With Oxford notebooks, get your workday off to a great start

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The definition of the workplace is changing for an increasing number of business professionals for whom mobile working is becoming the norm. So whether you’re a mobile executive looking for an all-in-one notebook solution or a modern business professional wanting to travel light Oxford has the notebook you’ll need.

Executives with demanding lifestyles need a notebook that lets them get the job done quickly and efficiently. That’s why Oxford has created International, a range of all-in-one performance solutions designed with the specific needs of managers and executives in mind. International notebooks are lightweight and hard-wearing, perfect for business travelers. They deliver a unique solution for managing documents and features smart-ruled pages to ensure notes are well-organised.

ACTIVEBOOK provides long-lasting durability thanks to its hard-wearing covers. Notes and documents can be managed with the storage pocket. The repositionable divider marks the first clean page.

MEETINGBOOK offers a patented solution to ensure your executives always arrive well-prepared at meetings. Loose notes or documents can be stored in the 3-flap file. The elastic closure straps ensure the contents remain secure during transport.

ORGANISERBOOK has 2 main functions: sorting and storage. A 6-part sorting file keeps your documents organised and an elasticated 3-flap folder offers additional security for storing loose papers.

Getting organised can help you feel more prepared and in control. With My Colours get organised and add some colour to your office environment to help you make your workday more meaningful and enjoyable.

Office My Colours

Office My Colours is a bold, energetic range of notebooks available in a rainbow of 6 vibrant colours. You're sure to spread some cheer at the office and brighten up any desk.

Built using translucent polypropylene Office My Colours notebooks are excellent value for money. They not only look great but can also withstand almost any wear and tear. As with all Oxford notebooks they also contain exclusive extra-white 90g Optik Paper for a comfortable writing experience and a removable ruler to help mark your first new page.

New - Oxford smart charts

Get more from your meetings and take the chore out of end of meeting wrap-up. Handwritten notes can now be seamlessly converted into digital files with Oxford’s new app-ready Smart Charts flipchart refill pads and the PowerChart app. Just capture your notes with a mobile device. Save as a PDF file and share. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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