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Across the globe, corporate workplaces are transforming rapidly. The office of the future will be flexible, open and collaborative. With a strong focus on high quality, adaptability, multi-functionality and interaction, the office of tomorrow will be designed to stimulate productivity, creativity and innovation. 

Key trends such as mobility, the increasing need for spontaneous, casual interaction, geographically dispersed workforces and a shift away from large conference rooms to smaller meeting rooms are all helping to shape the future office. To maximise interaction and collaboration, companies are advised to incorporate at least one non-tech element into a meeting session to help develop a creative, collaborative atmosphere built around flipcharts, Magic-Charts and other tactile, interactive tools. 

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Our Legamaster Silvertec mobile flipchart is an iconic office accessory that no collaborative workspace should be without. Easy to use, flexible and adaptable, it is a highly effective solution for anyone wishing to visualise, generate and capture ideas produced by a group of people. The curved surface, coupled with the ergonomic design, supports the hand as you write. This metal flipchart has a high-quality, silver-coloured coating and can be height-adjusted without fuss. The star base has five lockable castors for quick and easy mobility.

The impressive, unique Legamaster Magic-Chart Whiteboard creates an instant writing surface, even when there’s no whiteboard or flipchart to hand – a perfect, ready-to-use solution for any meeting, spontaneous or planned. The electrostatic foil sheets stick to any surface (wood, concrete, glass, wallpaper) with ease, leaving no stains or adhesive residue. They can also be repositioned effortlessly and seamlessly time and time again. An unrivalled solution for intense brainstorming, conceptualization and ideas generation.

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