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Legamaster – All kitted out for a strong finish.

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Legamaster offers a rich assortment of solutions for your workspace, helping you lay the foundations for a successful final quarter. 

Batteries recharged after the summer break? If you’re feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, it’s now crucial to seize this momentum and sharpen your competitive edge. Legamaster offers a rich assortment of solutions for your workspace, helping you achieve top performance in the remaining months of the year.  

Our Legamaster PROFESSIONAL range is renowned for its iconic line of office accessories that no collaborative workspace should be without. 

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One of our star products is the Legamaster PROFESSIONAL whiteboard:  a top-quality, durable and scratch-resistant whiteboard. Perfect for generating, visualising and capturing thoughts, ideas and inspiration.  It combines a premium, timeless look with a rich set of features that allow you to install, use and clean the board with total ease. An unrivalled tool that makes meetings, huddle sessions, workshops and other forms of professional collaboration more engaging and more effective.

With Legamaster MagicWipe, your whiteboard can be cleaned quickly and easily. And because this amazing microfibre wipe erases even the toughest marks and stains (including permanent marker ink), your whiteboard will keep looking like new - time and time again.

Our Legamaster PROFESSIONAL Kit contains a rich collection of high-quality boxed accessories, enabling effortless use of our whiteboards in complete comfort. The kit includes a set of 10 board markers, dry-wipe tissues, whiteboard cleaner, (super-strength) magnets and a board assistant.  

Legamaster, we make communication visible!

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