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Rexel - Keeping your identity safe in the office

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Identity crime is becoming increasingly common with criminals gaining access to sensitive information both on and offline. By cloning your identity through stolen personal information and subsequently opening new bank accounts, taking out loans, tampering with documents, or purchasing items on your behalf, cyber criminals can rack up extensive bills and damage your personal and professional reputation.

According to Fraud Prevention Service, Cifas, 41% of all fraud is identity fraud, which is continuing to rise.

There are a number of ways to help prevent the act of identity fraud with shredding being one of them. Auto Feed shredding is an effective method in preventing fraudulent activity. It’s there to protect your business and employees from identity fraud, avoiding fines and potential legal action. Not only do Auto Feed shredders save time with an automated feeding element, they also save money by allowing employees to focus on other jobs at the same time

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