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Kensington: 10 Reasons To Invest in Physical Security

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  • It’s easy to do. IT hardware incorporates Kensington Security Slots.
  • 67% of laptops are stolen from the office. 1
  • 89% of companies have experienced laptop theft. 2
  • Only 3% of stolen laptops are recovered. 3
  • 85% of IT Managers suspect internal laptop theft. 2
  • IT Managers attribute 80% of the cost of a stolen laptop to network breaches. 4
  • Organisations underestimate the cost of downtime by 31%. 3
  • 49% of SME’s take 2 to 4 days to replace a lost or stolen laptop. 3
  • IT Managers state that 52% of laptop theft would be prevented by a lock. 2
  • 75% of IT Managers believe that believe Physical Security represents better value


1 Kensington Research ‘14 - 4 Steps to Better Security in the BYOD Era for Your Company
2 IDC Executive Brief ‘10 - Laptop Theft: The Internal & External Threats
3 IDC White Paper ‘07 - The Threat of Theft and Loss of Laptops for the SME
4 Ponemon Institute White Paper ‘09 - The Cost of a Lost Laptop

Well implemented security policies reduce laptop theft by 85%*
Common sense policies combined with an office culture that fosters and expects lock usage can be quickly implemented. Just like taking the stairs rather than the lift or switching off the lights, we encourage IT departments to set the example for other departments to follow, so the use of locks becomes second nature.

* IDC Executive Brief ‘10 - Laptop Theft: The Internal & External Threats

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