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What is circadian rhythm?

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We spend 90% of our time indoors, And about 8 hours a day at our workplace.
The way light is used will evolve considerably in the future. The quality of light at the right time of the day improves the feeling of well-being and intellectual performance.

The internal biological clock is a powerful control center
By penetrating the body through the eyes, light plays a fundamental role in the regulation of circadian rhythms which are spread over a period of about 24 hours (awakening-sleep, variations of Body temperature and hormonal levels, meals, etc.).

The role of melatonin and serotonin in the circadian cycle?
Approximately 80 percent of the information is transmitted through our eyes. Thanks to the retinal glands in the eye, we also treat non-visual information. Influenced by the color of daylight, these cells control the secretion of serotonin and melatonin hormones in the brain, thus regulating our circadian rhythm (day and night rhythm). Melatonin makes us feel fatigue and reduces our activity; Serotonin, for its part, affects our mood and our dynamism.

Each person has their own biological rhythm. The more our daily routine follows our biological rhythm, the better we feel. Daylight generates a signal that synchronizes our internal rhythm with the natural course of the day.

The influence of light on our performance at work?
The light acts essentially on our biological clock, making sure that we sleep well, that we stay awake during the day and that we are at our best performance. However, in our modern world, we spend too little time outside and our exposure to natural daylight is becoming more limited

Also, in the absence of sufficient daylight, our internal biological clock is deregulated. Fatigue, insomnia and depression can be the result. A biologically effective artificial light can compensate for this deficit and stabilize our biorhythm.

How to optimize one’s circadian cycle!
Variations in lighting in terms of temperature either cold (color blue 5500K) or warm (color red2700K) during the day can improve our well-being and therefore our performance. Since each person has their own biological rhythm, it is essential to disseminate optimal lighting adapted to the circadian rhythm of each user, by providing a personalized solution regulating their periods of activity 

Unilux: harmony at work!
The mission of UNILUX is to help all consumers feel efficient in their working environment through ingenious solutions. Wellbeing at work is UNILUX’s primary concern for the development of all our products and especially desk lamps. UNILUX offers a wide range of LED office lamps that provide real value in term of concentration, well-being, visual rest and result in significant productivity gains.

JACK lamp provides biologically efficient lighting:


Good light quality at the right time of day:

In short the intelligent light UNILUX improves your well-being ...

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