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3 Way Rexel/GBC can help businesses boost office productivity

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Companies are constantly searching for ways to keep their costs as low as possible and a good method for achieving this is by improving the efficiency of their business machines in order to improve the time management of their employees. Office technology has become a well-known productivity challenge. 7% of office workers stated that having to deal with equipment malfunctioning or slow operation is a major productivity issue. However, when working efficiently, technology serves as an essential means for good time management.

Rexel and GBC business machines have been specifically design to improve the time management of employees…

1. Spend 98% less time shredding with Rexel Auto Feed Shredders

No need to stand and feed in sheets. Employees can get on with their next job – saving both time and money.

Rexel Auto Feed Shredders*
£0.001 PER SHEET

Traditional Shredders*
£0.012 PER SHEET

2. Be 67% more productive with GBC Fusion laminators

Designed to keep you productive, with simple controls, professional quality output and lightning quick speed. 

Fusion 3000L
laminates 15 sheets in 10 minutes from switch on

Equivalent competitor model
laminates 9 sheets in 10 minutes from switch on

3. Binding doesn’t get any simpler with GBC Quickstep system

Designed to simplify the binding process and remove the frustrations highlighted by consumer feedback. By using the Quickstep colour coding on both the machines and ProCombs you are guided through each step clearly, creating error-free fast binding.

*Calculations based on total sheets shredded during shredder life test. Labour hours based in Intertek independent performance testing to shred 500 sheets using a competitor manual feed shredder. Labour cost assumed at £25/hr (OCED average annual salary inc HR cost)

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