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PARKER has a long history of unique knowhow which has paved the way for the creation of some of the industry’s most memorable and innovative products of the last 125 years.

The beauty of PARKER’s meticulously selected materials and precious metals – up to sterling silver or 18K solid gold on the most premium models – is enhanced by manual polishing and other decorative treatments on most of the pens. Gems and new coatings with tactile effects also participate to the premium look and feel of the prestigious PARKER pen collections. PARKER is a lifelong partner, for those who strive for achievement and write their own story.

Explore practical, fun and expressive writing, with Urban

Urban's dynamic curved design offers a bold modern look that dares to be noticed. With a stainless steel nib, designed for both left and right hand writers, and Rollerball FreeInk Technology for an effortlessly smooth and confident writing experience, your inspiration is never cut short with Urban.

The ergonomic shape of each Parker Urban underscores a modern and dynamic style. The lacquered brass body and cap, which also features an asymmetric chiselled pattern and chrome trim, makes this Parker pen a practical and sophisticated gift.

Rejoice in clean and beautiful writing with a Parker IM rollerball pen

At once modern, elegant and professional, Parker IM is a pen ready to accompany you anywhere.

The innovative Rollerball FreeInk Technology assures an incredibly smooth and intense writing experience, while the smart graphic design offers a stylish look.

The modern design of this rollerball pen makes it a classy addition to any stationery kit. The tapered shape, deep black lacquer finish and gold trim make this Parker pen an impressive and thoughtful gift.

This back to work, express your creativity and rejoice in clean and beautiful writing experiences with Parker.

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