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With an OXFORD notebook, thank those who helped make your business a success

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Whether the Christmas gift you’re buying is for clients or employees, you’ll want it to be memorable and make the right impression. Clients and employees are both a big part of your business success story so understandably you’ll want to make them feel special. A gift is a great way to show your appreciation so look no further than an OXFORD journal or notebook.

OXFORD proposes a wide range of premium journals and notebooks featuring their unique paper standard, OPTIK PAPER® which guarantees no ink show-through, perfect whiteness, a silky smoothness and good opacity. OXFORD products are developed and manufactured using premium raw materials and according to very demanding quality procedures.


Individually wrapped and available in a wide range of colours and sizes these elegant and durable journals are brought to you by OXFORD SIGNATURE. The journals lay completely flat when opened, have sewn pages, an inner storage pocket and a matching ribbon and elastic strap to close them securely.


If you think modern colours and immaculate finishes go hand in hand with organisation and efficiency, the OXFORD Beauty range was designed for you. OXFORD BEAUTY, a range of notebooks with irresistibly stylish designs, on-trend colours and smart features for staying organised in any situation and managing several projects at the same time.

Offering an OXFORD notebook to your employees is a great way of helping them stay organised during the run-up to Christmas when their workload might be a little more demanding or as a way of getting the new year off to a productive start. And don’t forget an OXFORD notebook is robust and long-lasting. They’re used daily for note-taking and organising meaning your client or employee will have many occasions to remember who they received the gift from.

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