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Leitz MERRY X-MASS: Sophisticated gifts for everyone!

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Did you know that Christmas gift giving in Asia has a completely different approach than in Europe? For example, in China people never gift clocks because they represent that your time is running out. Instead, they give peaches, which are the traditional sign of longevity and everlasting youth. But no matter where you live, Leitz offers you elegant and smart Christmas gifts that work everywhere and make your colleagues, family and friends happy during the Christmas time!

Tip 1: Leitz Style Notebooks

Leitz Style Notebooks for everyday note taking, in distinctive modern design, with attractive soft brushed look. Choose one of timeless colours: arctic white, garnet red, celadon green, titan blue and satin black. Special features of Leitz Style Notebooks ensure optimal organisation of your notes, e.g. pen holder and fastener for security on the move, sticky markers and integrated expandable pocket on the back cover, textile page markers and much more.

Tip 2: Leitz Complete Speakers

Listen to your favourite music anywhere and anytime with the stylish Leitz Complete Portable Mini Speaker. Easy pairing with any device through wireless Bluetooth technology or headphone jack. The Complete Bluetooth Mini Speaker – newly also in 4 striking WOW colours – is a highly versatile solution, ideal for personal use or for your business’s needs thanks to built-in microphone that you can use for audio conferencing or hands-free calling.

Tip 3: Leitz Complete Chargers

Keep the smartphones and tablets fully charged! Leitz offers a comprehensive range of premium chargers to ensure that you're always connected whenever you are and whenever you work. Choose the universal portable Leitz Complete USB charger as the best option for your Christmas gift list. Immediate power supply for your mobile devices with 2 USB ports and capacity of 5000 mAh.

Tip 4: Leitz Complete Smart Traveller

Leitz Complete Smart Traveller bags – another Leitz tip for your Christmas gift - are designed with the high expectations of modern business travellers in mind. The bags are high quality, lightweight, roomy and hard-wearing, and are cleverly designed for effective organization (e.g. cleaning wipe, mesh pockets or name tag). They are easy to combine with others in the range, and are all within airplane hand baggage allowance.

Tip 5: Leitz Click & Store Boxes

Whatever your gift list is, make sure that all Christmas gifts are presented in the best way, possible using the Leitz Click & Store Boxes. With help of attractive range of colours you can colour-code your Christmas gifts to your specific preferences ensuring a professional and smart presentation. And what is more, their contemporary design looks great everywhere, in the office as well as at home!

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