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The State of the Workplace in 2017

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How do you feel about your office? Love it? Hate it? A mixture of both? If you're ambivalent about your office, you're not alone-- the second Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index is out today, and among its findings is the tidbit that the majority of workers are the most productive in the office, even as they're spending more than 40 hours a week there and feeling the pain of burnout.

It's a complicated relationship, but one that opens up significant opportunity for employers, workspace planners, procurement professionals and other business leaders. Even as teleworking and other flexible working arrangements are on the rise, employees are most productive in the office-- but are leaders outfitting the space as befits that productivity?

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Based on the results, it is evident that employees thrive in a workplace that is sensitive to their needs and well-being. An office outfitted with thoughtful workplace solutions boosts employee productivity and happiness and directly impact the bottom line.- Neil Ringel, Executive Vice President, Staples Business Advantage US

The Workplace Index reveals that while workers are stressed (and feeling it), employers can help. “This study shows that there is a tremendous opportunity for organizations to focus on and design employee experiences where employees truly want to show up,” says Jacob Morgan, best-selling author of The Future of Work, Futurist, and Co-founder of the Future of Work Community.

What else can employers do to help?

There are a lot of great discoveries in this year's Workplace Index, and over the next year, we'll be digging more deeply into these results to get expert insight on what the workplace means for today's workers, and how leaders can shape that workplace to make the most of their business. For more information, you can download the full Workplace Index report.

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