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Executives with demanding lifestyles need a notebook that lets them get the job done quickly and efficiently. That’s why Oxford has created International, a range of all-in-one performance solutions designed with the specific needs of managers and executives in mind.

Travel-intensive jobs involve spending time out of the office. International notebooks are lightweight and hard-wearing, perfect for business travellers. No matter how intense things get your executives will always present a professional image.

Structure and discipline are important traits of a demanding manager. Every aspect of International has been designed to give your executives the freedom to work and stay organised whenever, wherever. More than just simple notebooks International delivers a unique solution for managing documents and features smart-ruled pages to ensure notes are well-organised.

International’s exclusive ruling style was designed to organise and structure note-taking with a header for the title or the subject of the meeting and the date as well as double margins to indicate bullet points or actions to delegate. Activebook and Filingbook both feature a document storage pocket for loose documents whereas Meetingbook and Organiserbook contain a built-in 3-flap folder to store and transport documents securely.

Your executives are always on the move and they need a notebook that’s as flexible as they are.

Activebook provides long-lasting durability thanks to its hard-wearing covers. Notes and documents can be managed with the storage pocket. The repositionable divider marks the first clean page.

Working in project mode means keeping track of many different subjects at the same time. The Filingbook features colour-coded pages and 3 removable dividers to help keep notes from different projects separate. The fixed divider at the front of the book can also be used for document storage.

Successful meetings are the result of meticulous preparation and planning.

Meetingbook offers a patented solution to ensure your executives always arrive well-prepared at meetings. Loose notes or documents can be stored in the 3-flap file. The elastic closure straps ensure the contents remain secure during transport.

Organisation is one of the key traits of an effective manager.

Organiserbook has 2 main functions: sorting and storage. A 6-part sorting file keeps your documents organised and an elasticated 3-flap folder offers additional security for storing loose papers.

Don’t you ever wish you could combine the simplicity of handwritten notes with the power of digital to be able to work more effectively. The International Notebook Connect is the first business notebook you can download to your smartphone.

Compatible with SCRIBZEE, OXFORD’s new smartphone app that enables you to make unlimited use of your notes Notebook Connect is the ideal notebook to use if you still prefer to take notes by hand but would like to harness the power of digital to organise, search and enrich your notes using your smartphone at any time.

Download SCRIBZEE for free on App Store or Google Play store. The app is multilingual and will automatically detect the language settings on the smartphone.

SCRIBZEE is a high-performance note management application that combines smartphone technology with four corner markers printed on the pages of Notebook Connect. This powerful and efficient technology has been developed and patented by the engineers at OXFORD.

SCRIBZEE automatically creates high quality digital scans of your handwritten notes by detecting the markers that define the page edge and enhancing the image by correcting the perspective and the contrast automatically. The result is a crisp, clear, legible digital copy of your notes that you can review or even print.

Scan, save and file your meeting reports, notes or to-do lists in the secure OXFORD cloud storage solution. You can access them at any time, wherever you are and from all your connected devices.

With SCRIBZEE you can organise, re-organise and edit your notes. Start by creating folders to file each note by subject. The “Edit” function allows you to reorganise the pages of different notes, change the order of the pages or create a virtual notebook containing the notes from one project or topic. You can also enrich your notes with images from your smartphone camera.

If you need to share your notes you can easily do so with SCRIBZEE either via e-mail, on social networks or using the other communication options on your smartphone like the Evernote productivity app. SCRIBZEE also allows you to retrieve your notes quickly and easily by entering keywords so you no longer waste time looking back through your paper notebook to locate your notes.

So, if setting yourself clear goals and ambitious challenges is natural to you the International range is the ideal business partner to help you achieve them. Each day presents a different challenge for your business which requires the best of yourself so be sure to choose the right tools to work successfully.

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