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Leitz iLAM: Perfect lamination. No matter how you do it

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Whatever you choose to laminate - the perfect lamination to match your positive workflow is here. Thanks to Leitz’s iLAM laminating machines you can expect hassle free lamination with excellent results, with no risk of pouch jam and breaking the laminator. All laminators are easy to use with no complicated settings in place. Quick warm up time and high quality and speed when laminating help enhance your productivity!

iLAM touch Range

Leitz’s iLAM touch range sets new standards in lamination. It’s presented by fully automatic high speed premium laminators with built-in unique sensor technology that recognizes document thickness and selects automatically the best speed. It laminates pouches from 80 to 250 microns, needs just a single minute to warm up and with A3 turbo S model you can laminate an A4 document (in 80 mic pouch) in just 10 seconds! In addition it includes an auto-reverse function. All in all, it is perfect for intensive professional use. All you need to know if ON and OFF!

iLAM Office Range

Leitz’s iLAM Office laminators deliver professional results and convenience in an elegant slim and attractive package. They require just one minute warm up and put high-speed lamination at your fingertips – the lamination of an A4 document (in 80 mic pouch) lasts just 45 seconds. They are suitable for pouches from 80 to 125 microns and no complicated settings need to be defined. The iLAM Office range is ideal for everyone who doesn’t laminate daily but regularly with professional demand.

iLAM Home Office Range

Leitz’s iLAM Home Office range brightens up any workplace and is perfect for people working from home. It is available in four striking WOW colours – so you will find the great match for your unique style and interior colour scheme. In addition, the Home Office laminators are a highly versatile solution, ideal for your business’s needs or for personal use. They warm up in just three minutes and laminate pouches from 80 to 125 microns.

iLAM Pouches with UDT

High-quality iLAM pouches with UDT (unique direction technology) represent a perfect match to the Leitz iLAM laminators and fix two major problems when laminating: incorrect insertion of a pouch into the laminator and improper temperature settings. The trademarked arrows on Leitz’s iLAM pouches show the correct feeding direction into a laminator and disappear with the correct heat after laminating. Always easy to use and with perfect results!

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