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The end of the year is approaching, and there is a lot of work to do, but just limited time?

Good preparation and professionally presented documents are just two requirements for efficent work - made easy with DURACLIP®, the most successful business folder worldwide! Made of hard-wearing plastics with a transparent front cover plus a clip made of special steel, this A4 clip folder is perfect for keeping documents intact without punched holes. Available in a wide range of colours and with the 3 or 6 mm spine, the DURABLE clip folder is extremely versatile, e.g. for presentation of key documents and safe storage. Experience the DURACLIP® system: Pull out the clip, insert the documents and push back the clip - simple!

Food and Breakroom

How we display information impacts directly on the power of the message we are trying to share. Both DURABLE signage and display panel systems are experts at the presentation of information in office and company. Made of high-quality materials, they are really durable and ideal for daily use.

Efficient access control and employee identification should be easy and time-saving. Especially magnetic strips and data storage chips of ID cards and security passes need to be well protected, but also be visible and at hand all the time. DURABLE offers a wide range of practical solutions for daily use. Choose your favourite attachment for your name badge oder ID card holder - e.g. a cardholder with badge reel allows fast access to key cards, security as well as operating certificates and it's possible to pull out the badge reel of a length up to 80 cm.

The DURABLE trademark has signified top-quality products, high levels of customer service and product innovation for over 95 years. Dedicated to the development of office organization and presentation systems that drive user success, DURABLE offers product solutions that ensure time efficiency and increased effectiveness.

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