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Get organised with the Leitz Icon label printer

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Are you ready to succeed in 2016 race? EU studies say it is often little things that influence an organisation and that cause the most irritation particularly doing the tasks with old-fashioned tools and equipment. Collaborative working with flexible teams and business on the move are all things that barely existed ten years ago. How does your office equipment measure up to the modern world?

Leitz Icon: One machine for your labelling needs!
Leitz Icon is a label printer re-imagined for the 21st century, addressing your various labelling needs.

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The Leitz Icon Smart Wireless Label Printer creates paper and plastic labels, in many lengths and sizes. From small labels which are printed in high speed (200 labels per a minute) up to banner size (2,7m) it cuts to size and can be controlled from multiple devices using the Leitz Icon app. Intelligent cartridges indicate which type of tape is used and how much is remaining. You can also use it on the go, as Icon is fully mobile with a battery pack that lasts up to 12 hours or 1200 labels.

The portable Leitz Icon - print any label, anywhere!

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