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Document finishing techniques such as laminating or binding are often regarded as a great way of turning a stack of pages into a well-presented and professional looking booklet or poster. It is sometimes considered that the finishing process is time consuming and too complex for those unacquainted with the particular machine. In fact a simple bound and laminated document can make a huge difference. 

Presenting information professionally
Even in the digital age, tangible documents still matter. When presenting information in a meeting, a printed booklet will create a great first impression, in any industry. For example, in creative agencies, handing out hard copies during a major pitch that have been bound and laminated will give a professional edge over competition and reinforce brand image. In a financial firm, distributing copies of a presentation is essential so clients can have a closer look at charts and graphs discussed. In law firms, a laminator and binder are essential tools, when presenting case files or protecting crucial documents that need to be filed. 

GBC’s document finishing checklist 
Now we know why it’s worth taking the extra time to ensure your documents look presentable and professional, here’s a handy checklist of things to remember when finishing a printed document: 

·  What will the document be used for?
The purpose of the document will usually determine what type of laminating or binding it requires. Also consider how long the document should last.

·  What type of binding does it require?
If the document you’re binding requires security, such as proposals or company briefs, the best binder material is wire. In a school environment, using a comb binding machine is a better choice, as it is very cost effective and a quick and easy method when binding large numbers of booklets.

·  What is the best laminator choice for the document?
Pouch laminators are a great choice to give a school arts and crafts display a clean finish, while a roll laminator is better suited to professional environments to achieve a good looking document in minimal time. The amount you use it will determine if you need a small or large laminator.

·  Does the document require any finishing touches?
Once you have transformed your document, remember to give all the pages a final check through to be certain there are no issues.Remember to trim pages using scissors or a guillotine to ensure every page is uniform.

2017 marks GBC’s 70th anniversary. Since 1947, GBC has delivered cutting edge document finishing solutions to a variety of industries. GBC ensures that every business has the tools required to create professional and well presented meeting handouts, helping companies worldwide to impress in meetings and business pitches. Learn more about GBC and discover the best binder and laminator for your workplace by visiting our website www.gbceurope.com or following @gbceurope on Twitter.

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