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“Work is where you are” is the latest white paper from Leitz, examining the changing role of the office, the challenges and opportunities facing the ‘Everywhere Worker’ and specifically how home working can be made more comfortable and productive.

‘Going to work’, used to imply a destination rather than an activity is a matter of the past. One possible definition of the office of the future is ‘anywhere with an Internet connection’ – so more about connectivity than geography. 


The growth of freelance communities, the advent of younger people into business, portability of equipment and the increasingly ubiquitous availability of different means of communication, have resulted in the everywhere, anytime working being the new normal.

The Leitz white paper also confirms that the standard office isn’t dying. Over 50% still do more than 80% of their work in a central location and nearly a quarter do all of their work there. But because of “Work is where you are” offices are becoming very different, both in space terms and amenities. Enlightened companies are designing offices to be multi-functional locations and personalizing their workspaces according to a brand personality and values. With greater choice of where to work, offices have to be attractive destinations – places people want to go to – not just have to go to. Discover Leitz WOW Range, creating an exciting office environment, or Leitz Corporate Identity Range, fitting to your corporate colour.

Working from home is becoming more and more popular. Having the right and good looking tools is essential. For example, nearly 3/5 people of consider adjustable personal and office lighting important - even more so than an ergonomic mouse and keyboard. Discover Leitz Style Smart LED Desk Lamp with adjustable lighting in real time and fitting to the Leitz Style modern workspace.

Over 70% want their working equipment to match the colour of their home interior and decoration elements. An efficient home office should be also equipped with space saving solutions like multiple USB desktop charging points, portable chargers or cable management. Check out the broad colour offer of all Leitz WOW products as well as Leitz Complete Range, bringing stylishly designed mobile device accessories. 

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