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Working at a desk has become a risky business
It wasn’t long ago that office workers were the furthest removed from workplace dangers. Hazards of the job tended to be reserved for manual workers, whose role involved operating machinery, lifting heavy materials, working at height and other risky activities. All of which were a world a way from the comforts of the office environment.

Fast-forward to 2016 - and how things have changed.

Since introducing the online Workstation Risk Assessment for Staples customers, we’re hearing that today’s office job is anything but a comfortable one. And that’s mainly down to bad working habits and poor posture whilst working at a desk.

Back ache, neck strain and wrist pain are three of the most common complaints that lead to poor work performance, increased levels of absenteeism and long-term injuries.

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When undertaking their FREE Workstation Risk Assessment, this is what customers like you are saying:

  • Almost 60% of them work for more than 10 hours a day without proper ergonomic support
  • 52% of people admit to having very poor posture at work… with 46% of them working that way for more than 10 hours a day
  • 48% of desk workers find themselves fidgeting a lot to get comfortable
  • 42% work with a laptop on their knees at some point in the day – these are mostly multi-location workers
  • And a staggering 70% of people feel they work in poor conditions


By taking your FREE 5-MINUTE WORKSTATION RISK ASSESSMENT, not only will you be meeting your legal obligation*, but you will also:

  • Identify any bad working habits you may have developed
  • Learn of the improvements you need to make to ensure good posture and healthy working
  • Discover the most appropriate solutions for your specific needs
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desk, illustration, technology, business, sketch, vector, man, people, office, table, computer, chair, adult, equipment, indoors, vector, industry, machinery, image, horizontal

Minimise risk in 4 easy steps and prevent problems before they start
As the specialists for workstation ergonomics, Fellowes has developed the 4 Zone Approach® to healthier working. It’s the ideal guide for ensuring you retain good posture when working at a desk – and the perfect introduction to the benefits of Fellowes ‘head-to-toe’ solutions.

Expertly designed to help prevent workstation-related pain and injury, Fellowes ergonomic solutions include FIRA** accredited monitor and laptop supports, back supports, foot supports and wrist supports with Microban® antibacterial protection. Make sure you also check out the all-new Writing Slope and the ingenious Professional Series™ Laptop Workstation.

Reduce workstation risk in your office with Fellowes ergonomic solutions.

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