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For collaborative work with Post-it® and Command™ products

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Whatever you’re trying to accomplish; Optimizing a process, Planning a project or Planning a brainstorm session, Post-it® Meeting products are perfect tools for working collaboratively. And by using the Command™ adhesive solutions, you can use the meeting room walls to support your meetings.

Post-it® Meeting Charts can help you make your meetings effective. During meetings, more often you need to write down key facts or ideas; thanks to their large writing surface, whereas in plain or grid white paper, you can smoothly write on Post-it® Meeting Charts. And, when a sheet is full, you just have to stick it to almost any wall surfaces of the meeting room and keep all the inputs visible, all of the time for a more collaborative meeting.

Post-it® Table Top charts: An “on the go” version of Post-it® Meeting Charts. Ideal for easily organizing an unconventional meeting place. It stands on its own and its light weight allows you to bring it in every place you may need it.

Post-it® Super Sticky Meeting Notes, large or extra-large horizontal plain paper pads ofPost-it® Super Sticky Notes allow you to work collaboratively. During your meetings, you can gather inputs and ideas and easily share them will all participants by sticking them where you need them to be visible, whereas on walls or on meeting charts thanks to their unique adhesive. Presented in different vibrant colours, Post-it® Super Sticky Meeting Notes are perfect tools during brainstorming meetings.

Command™ hooks and strips help you use your meeting room environment, to hang and hold the things that support your meetings, such as images, picture frames, clock, signing cards, mood boards, cables etc. Command™ adhesives hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more. Yet, removes cleanly - no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains. Rehanging them is as easy as applying a replacement. Make optimum use of your meeting rooms with the convenient solutions of Command ™.

From generating a mountain of ideas to refining a truly great one, Post-it® Meeting products and Command™ adhesive solutions, are a great way to have an effective collaborative meeting. 

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