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Edding writing & marking products for mobility

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With the popularity of mobile working increasing over the last few years, today’s work environment sees individuals and companies operating in a multitude of locations. From staff on the road, at customers conducting meetings and training sessions, to working at home, in the office or abroad - the ability to communicate, educate and inform is key in maintaining a successful business. And during all these times the guaranteed performance and versatility of the products used is paramount – and when it comes to a winning combination there is nothing better than edding and Legamaster.

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For over 55 years, edding has been offering a wide assortment of writing and marking products to fulfil all these needs. From the edding 380 Flipchart Marker, specifically designed for use on flipchart paper - featuring a special bleed-proof, water-based ink and “cap-off” technology to prevent the marker’s drying out. To the edding 330 Permanent Marker, perfect for use on a Legamaster Magic-Chart Flipchart, that sticks to almost any smooth material to create an instant writing surface – ready to use for every spontaneous or planned meeting.

Or for the ultimate in high-performance and ease-of-use, why not try our newly designed edding retract 11 permanent marker or retract 12 whiteboard marker. These cap less markers work just like a ball-point pen. With a nib that extends or retracts by simply pressing on the push-button mechanism - perfect for freeing up your hands. The seal system prevents the marker from drying out, and the nib is automatically retracted when you clip the marker to your clothing - meaning ink mishaps are eliminated and your workwear or business shirt always stays clean.

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So whenever you need high-quality, robust partners or expressive and creative solutions edding has it covered - offering everyone the best possible products to realise their goals and ideas.

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